Disheartened with the medical education system & complicated admission process for MBBS in India?

It’s ok if you were not able to acquire a medical seat for yourself in any Government or Private medical colleges of India. The good part about this, now you can explore more options for pursuing MBBS in Abroad which will open the doors of endless opportunities for you. Therefore, it is always advisable not to pay a hefty amount of your income in getting yourself enrolled in any medical college of India, instead invest your money in the MCI approved and WDOMS enlisted medical universities of abroad! There are endless reasons because of which a huge majority of aspiring Indian medical students are heading to the medical universities of abroad. Some of them include- state-of-the-art infrastructure, updated technology support, highest passing percentage, and unconventional teaching methodologies. Henceforth, it always a better option to study MBBS abroad than investing a huge amount of money in getting enrolling in any government or private medical college of India.

With so many options available all across the globe, it’s getting a bit tricky to find one ideal medical destination which will help you in achieving your medical dream! So, here comes the most difficult question- which country to opt for?

Before choosing your medical destination, there are certain aspects which a medical aspirant should consider before planning to study MBBS abroad! Mentioned below are a few of the top-searched reasons that one should consider before choosing the medical university abroad!

Globally Recognized Degrees- University in which you are seeking admission; should offer globally recognized degree approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and/or enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) that gives you the liberty to practice your medical career in India after cracking the MCI Screening Test or FMGE.

Excellent Teaching Standards- Your choice of University must have a great experience in delivering medical education. There are many high-end Universities in Russia, China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, etc. that provides excellent teaching standards and infrastructure that no one can find anywhere else.

Affordable cost-Quality education at an affordable cost- the most crucial part of the process. You should look for that University, which best fits in your budget. If you are looking for pursuing a low budget  MBBS in Abroad, then consider this factor very carefully before narrowing on any country or medical university.

World-Class Infrastructure- Some of the has a world-class infrastructure and amazing facilities, which will undoubtedly, enriches your entire experience.

Great Exposure- We know that bright future prospects are the only thing for which you are investing in your presence today. And if the great exposure is concerned, then  China is the best medical destination for every aspiring Indian medical student. The density of population in China will give all the medical aspirants an opportunity to study a diverse background in the high patient flow and develop case studies while pursuing their course. Other than China, there are other countries which you can consider for studying MBBS in abroad which includes Russia, Georgia, Philippines, etc.

English Taught Programs- The language barrier is also a big issue for Indian students seeking admission for MBBS in Abroad, but with the use of English as a medium of instruction in University classrooms, it is quite sorted. Students feel relaxed when they find that programs are bilingual which allows them an opportunity to learn other language skills during the tenure of their course.

With all the above factors, you might have got a little idea of the countries that you should prefer for pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Now talking about the best Medical Universities in Abroad countries, we have handpicked some of the standout options for you-

Speaking of universities in China, we recommend Ningxia Medical University, Dalian University and the China Medical University.

Russian Universities has a list tops with the Tver State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Siberian State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Mari State University, Crimea Medical University etc.

And if you’re planning for Ukraine, then choose from Kiev Medical University of UAFM, Lviv Medical University, Odessa National Medical University, O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Ternopil Medical University, etc.

Also, count in the advantages that the medical students can enjoy after choosing these Universities as their MBBS destination-

Indian Students: You get the company of Indian students as more than 5,000 Indian students are studying in Top Medical Universities of Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, China and so on. This allows the new students to adjust in the new environment with greater ease and hence perform better academically.

The programs offered by all the above mentioned medical universities of abroad are taught in English. So there is no need for the students to learn an additional language for the purpose of studying there. (Yet you can learn a new language just to enrich your experience.)

Hostel Facilities: Excellent hostel facilities are provided to the students so that they could study with comfort. Moreover, you can also choose to go for an apartment as the rent is very affordable if you are staying with a group of friends. However, it is mandatory in some universities to spend the first year in the university hostel only.

So far we have discussed the primary points that one should consider. Now take your time and make the right decision for yourself. Also, we would be really glad if we could help you any further

To study MBBS in Abroad is not at all the priority of an Indian student. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option for them.

Overview of Abroad MBBS Admission

Benefits of pursuing MBBS from Abroad

It is an ongoing debate about whether Indian students should choose abroad for studying MBBS or not. While a group of people argue that students should study in foreign countries as it will help them to develop their career easily whereas other group claims that studying MBBS abroad can be very expensive & might cause homesickness as well.

We will help you to shape your mind with some qualitative reasons to facilitate you in taking firm steps to pursue your medical career.

The Top Medical Universities of Abroad offer better courses and at the same time is more attractive for a student’s perspective medical career plans. Universities in Abroad also offer excellent faculties who are extremely expert in their respective medical fields.

MBBS degree acquired from Abroad can open a new door with excellent opportunities. The Top Medical Universities offer a globally recognized degree that ultimately increases their personality as a Doctor.

The students abroad are exposed to a new country, new culture & new custom that eventually enrich their lifestyle & broadens their mindset. The living & dining situation is something which bothers every Indian student as well as parents. Students will get comfortable accommodation facilities & Indian delicacies, while they stay in hostels of the University and that too affordable cost. Also, their study & stay in abroad destinations can help a student to be proficient in a particular language.

We have a list of handpicked options for you to study MBBS in one of the hot destinations of Abroad- Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Germany, Georgia, Belarus and Caribbean Islands.

Some more relevant points to study MBBS in Abroad-

  • Affordable Cost of Education – Now, you can also study MBBS without any additional donation & high fees. Living in foreign countries is cheap as compared to India
  • Quality Education– You can avail world-class education with substantial theoretical & practical exposure.
  • No Entrance Exams– You can easily get admission in one of the Top Medical Universities, without any additional language tests.
  • Globally Recognized Degrees– Medical Universities in Abroad provide medical degrees, which are globally recognized, approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and also other medical councils of the world.
  • Advanced Learning Techniques– When you study in developed countries, you get advanced practical learning and ultimate exposure. This would develop your medical skills in order to imbibe the necessary skills for becoming a brilliant doctor.
  • MCI Coaching– Top Medical Universities of Abroad also prepare all the enrolled Indian medical students for MCI Screening Test and better the chances for employment in India. Once you clear the MCI Screening Test, you can easily practice your medical in India.

In short, students should definitely take advantage of international educational experience. Studying MBBS in Abroad will enrich your resume, profession & personality.

                                                                                                          So, what are you waiting for?

                                                                                                             Study MBBS in Abroad !!!

Name of the degree

We have seen exponential growth in a number of Indian students heading abroad for pursuing their MBBS, in the past few years. There are plenty of reasons out of which low budget MBBS and course duration are the main factors that are encouraging all the aspiring Indian students to choose the option to study MBBS abroad.

There are certain countries like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Caribbean Islands who award MD – Physician degree (which is equivalent to MBBS in India), to their students after the completion of 5 or 6 years medical degree programs. Whereas countries like Russia, Belarus, Georgia, China and Germany award their students with MBBS degree after the successful completion of the medical degree program.

Don’t let yourself get confused with the change in the name of the degree, as the degree MD – Physician is equivalent to MBBS degree in India.

Intakes for MBBS admissions in Medical Universities Abroad:

Mentioned below are the intakes of countries which are popular among international students:

  • Ukraine – September and February
  • Armenia – September and February
  • Belarus – September and February
  • Italy – September
  • Russia – September and February
  • Georgia – September and March
  • China – September and March
  • Kazakhstan – September and March
  • Kyrgyzstan – September and February
  • Germany – September and March

Our Counseling Procedure

  • Personalized Counselling over the Telephone
  • Face-to-Face Counselling Session for Walk-ins
  • University Selection According to Candidates’ best fit
  • Scan Eligibility Criteria for Multiple Universities
  • Assistance in Documentation Submission
  • Verification of Documents, to be Eligible or Not
  • Facilitation in the Registration process
  • Other Documentation Process starts such as Admission Letter, Apostille is done for Personal Documents like Birth/Marriage Certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc. and Educational Documents, Visa Invitation, Stamping from the authorities
  • Travel Arrangements to the Destination Country
  • Farewell at the Airport
  • Academic progress Report on a Regular Basis from Students’ Representatives at the University

Important Factors to Choose University in Abroad

Once you have selected a suitable country to study MBBS, the very next step is to choose an appropriate university. Take your time & select from one of the Top Medical University in Abroad.

  • Primarily, know the Grade of the University
  • University’s Experience in Teaching MBBS
  • Recognitions of the University
  • University Tuition Fees & Hostel Costs
  • Selection of the University that provides MCI Screening Coaching
  • Know the number of Indian students in the University
  • Availability of Indian Cuisines in Hostel Mess

Important Factors to Choose Abroad Destination to Study MBBS

Before deciding to study MBBS in Abroad, analyze every factor of a country for a safe & productive educational journey in Abroad.

  • Set a Budget to study MBBS in Abroad
  • Research & know the number of Indian students studying MBBS in Abroad
  • Know the weather conditions of the Respective Country
  • Language Learning Requirements
  • Do the Top Medical Universities of the country use English as the medium of Instruction
  • Safety aspects of the Country
  • Cultural aspects of the Country & its Universities
  • Country’s Population
  • Country’s Living cost to study MBBS for Indian students

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Abroad

Criteria reserved for Indian students to take admission in MBBS at any of the Top Medical Universities in Abroad, stated as follows-

  1. Every medical aspirant from India must have completed his/her class XII in Science; having scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is especially required for students from Unreserved Category.
  2. Reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) students can apply with the 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology; as per the guidelines by Medical Council of India (MCI).
  3. The student must have qualified for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) with the passing marks. It is mandatory from 2019 onwards as directed by MCI (Medical Council of India).
  4. No additional Entrance Test or Examination is Required.


10+ Countries 100+ Universities.


Fee Structures of Top Medical Universities

CountryOverall Cost of the course(tution fees and hostel) Indian Rupee
Kyrgyzstan12 – 15 Lakhs INR
Russia (Bilingual university), Kazakhstan15 – 18 Lakhs INR
Russia (English Medium University)18 – 28 Lakhs INR
Ukraine, Armenia & Belarus18 – 28 Lakhs INR
China & Georgia

28 – 36 Lakhs INR

Cost of Living on the Location

Benefits of studying MBBS in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Germany, China, etc. have increased the demand among the majority of international student’s especially Indian students is the Cost of Medical Education. The cost of medical education in India is the summation of capitation and tuition fee, whereas there are no capitation fees in the above-mentioned countries and the tuition fee is also 10-25% less as compared to India.

This kind of fee structure extremely brings down the overall cost of education making it helpful and lucrative for the students. Apart from this, the cost of living in these countries is relatively low as compared to other countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, etc. The average monthly cost of living is in-between 7000 – 12000 INR which includes all the overhead expenses.

All these aspects make MBBS abroad more value for money when compared to studying MBBS in India.

Career Prospects After Bachelor’s Course in Medicine

Medicine is a predominant course that allows an individual to enhance practical & clinical skills as well as the personal & professional qualities to become a doctor.

You can do the following things after your bachelor’s in medicine-

After clearing the Medical Council of India Screening Test also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, you can acquire a license to practice your medical career in India.

You will have an opportunity to start a personalized clinic or work for any government / private medical institution in India.

After studying MBBS in Abroad, you can further practice there or decide to study post-graduation in the respective country

Today, Hospital Management is one of the fast-developing sectors that offer career options to students from the medical field. Thus, you can also study Masters in Hospital Management, after MBBS from Abroad.

Populous countries like China have a large inflow of patients in their hospitals and that directly increases the availability of doctors in the country. After studying MBBS in Abroad, you can further practice as a doctor in these countries.

Details about MCI Screening Test or FMGE

The Top Medical Universities are approved or accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), therefore they offer globally recognized degrees that allow the students to appear for FMGE or MCI Screening Test; in order to practice their medical career in India at Government / Private institutions or Hospitals.

FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination which is conducted by the National Board of Examinations; which is also called as the MCI Screening Test. This test is basically conducted for Indian and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) for obtaining a provisional or permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI) or State Medical Council (SMC); as per the Screening Test Regulations.

Students pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan or any other country famous for Medical Education from its Top Medical Universities, have to appear & qualify for this MCI screening test for practising their future prospects in India. Therefore, passing out MCI Screening test is compulsory for all the foreign return graduates, if they wish to pursue their medical career in India.

MCI screening test (FMGE) tends to be the most difficult exam of your medical career, but yes, if you have a strong foundation on your medical studies gained from the Top Medical Universities Abroad, then you can be easily come out it with flying colours.

The students can apply for FMGE registration, only after they return back to India after their completion of MBBS in Abroad. The exam will be totally on a computer-based platform at various centres across India. It is conducted twice in a year (December & June).

Important Tips before You Leave Abroad to Study MBBS

  • Visit Authorized Representatives for Guidance and to select the Right Country & University
  • Don’t pay any additional consultancy charge apart from the University Application Fees
  • Decide to study till Postgraduate and not just MBBS in Abroad
  • Choose the Top Medical Universities in Abroad that offer MCI Screening coaching as it is necessary to have 6 years MCI coaching for an MBBS Aspirant
  • Prefer Larger Cities or Capital of a Country to Study MBBS
  • If budget allows, choose only “A” grade Universities to study MBBS in Abroad
  • Many Medical Universities in Abroad also offer a Scholarship. So, apply on time & choose those Universities
  • Also, apply to Medical Universities offering or assisting an educational loan for International Students

Our Mission

Foreign education does not have to be unreachable; we aim to be your local partner to your quest for a global reach.


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