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The attractive lifestyle and highly ranked universities make Spain one of the most popular countries chosen for higher studies by students all over the world, also being an enriching experience. There are 76 universities in the country, which have a well organized educational system and provide education at different levels- bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Most of the leading Spanish universities are located in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, and Barcelona. Some of the most popular areas of study offered are Arts and Humanities (with courses related to Fundamentals of Philosophy and Environmental Ethics), Marketing and Finance, and Hospitality Management.

It offers multiple choices for student internships, as it is home to a number of large international companies like Abengoa (telecommunications), Abertis (infrastructure), ACS Group (civil engineering), Almirall (pharmaceuticals), Banco Santander (banking), Ebro Foods (food processing).

Spain is rich in history and culture, and provides a wonderful package for students hailing from international lands. The country maintains a fun environment, and most colleges offer an array of activities for students to participate and engage in. It is thus the third most popular country for students, with around 36% of them coming from the USA. Some of the top ranking universities are Universidad Autónoma de MadridUniversity of BarcelonaUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Complutense University of MadridUniversity of Navarra. It is also home to top business schools like ESADE Business School, IESE Business School, IE Business School and EAE Business School to name a few.

Best Universities in Spain



Quality Of Education

Universities offer quality education with a provision of resources required for research purposes. Many students graduated from the country are known to go ahead and work in elite laboratory projects and research programmes. Spain also maintains a network of global business, scientific and cultural partnerships, which is another area for students to explore while they live in the country.

Learn The Most Popular Language

Spanish is the second most spoken language in many parts of the world, by around 559 million people. Along with an opportunity for students to study from some of the highly qualified universities, studying in Spain also provides them an opportunity to learn this language through their education and interaction with locals, which in turn upgrades their interpersonal skills and increases their job prospects.

The World Comes To Spain

Barcelona is the second most visited city in the world and is known for an endless summer and beautiful days, with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. It is a place where people do not really know what to do, when it rains. For students, it is the perfect place to stay away from the grey skies and endless drizzle that plagues northern countries, and to soak up vitamin D in abundance.

Cost Effective Education

The average tuition fees in most of the colleges range from 5500 Euros to 12000 Euros, which is approximately 20% lesser than other popular European countries. Along with the tuition fees, the living expenses are also comparatively cheaper. All the top business schools provide programs in English and usualy cost between 10000 to 150000 Euros per year.

Quick Facts

Tuition Fees







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